Formula One History

Formula 1 is one of the most glamourous sports in the world. It's fast paced and highly dangerous but it brings in millions of spectators every year both in person and at the tracks. Our guide has been put together by Clare Stronge who speaks about the history of the sport, the races, technology and how to get involved in the sport.

Formula One Legends

Being a legend in any sport is impressive but in Formula 1 it is something else. The great ones get wealth, get fame, get the girls and pretty much get whatever they want, if you want to read why they get all of these perks then check it out. Don't know your Ballast from your Perc Ferme then our jargon busting page will of immense help.


Recent Posts

Stoddart reveals mixed feelings over F1 future

The former owner of Minardi, Paul Stoddart, has revealed mixed feelings about the long-term prospects of Formula One. He was speaking publicly after the forced withdrawal of Honda as a result of the global financial crisis and, unfortunately for the world of motorsport, he believes that others may soon... [read more]

Honda quits F1

Earlier this week, Honda announced some shocking news. The motor company has been forced to pull out of Formula One after the impact of the financial crisis left officials with no alternative. In addition, Honda will be unable to supply engines to Formula One. A deadline of January has been set for Honda... [read more]

Donington delays put 2010 British GP in doubt

During the 2008 season it was announced that the British Grand Prix will be moving from Silverstone to Donington after next season. However, this week the plans came into doubt as the local district council aired concerns about the environmental impact of the renovations, which include extensions to... [read more]