F1 Stars & Legends

With an overview of some of the greats on our Legends page. We have a greater look at some of the stars to of graced the track in our Stars & Legends section.

  • Lewis Hamilton – The great white hope of British motorsport, Lewis Hamilton nearly won a World Championship in his debut season.
  • Damon Hill – Formula One World Champion in 1996 – Damon Hill was the first in a long line of rivals for the irrepressible Michael Schumacher.
  • Niki Lauda – As a three-time World Champion, Niki Lauda is a true great. He will however be remembered for a brave decision not to carry on racing when on the verge of another F1 World Championship.
  • Nigel Mansell – A World Champion both in F1 terms and in IndyCar – there is little doubt as to his position amongst racing legends.
  • Alain Prost – The talismanic Frenchman was a four-time World Champion and a long time advisory of the great Brazilian Ayrton Senna]
  • Michael Schumacher – This man dominated the sport for a period of around twelve years. Not much can be said about just how great Michael Schumacher was.
  • Ayrton Senna – Some say that he was the most naturally gifted driver of all-time. Personally I am amongst those who say such a thing. It was a tragedy when he died early and died on the rack track.
  • Sir Jackie Stewart – The wee Scotsman was a fine driver and a master of getting the best out of the car. A three-time World Champion shows off his true class.