Getting involved!

Driving a Formula One car is harder than it looks, but if you’re convinced you can give it a go then click here to purchase a three day Formula One experience. Be warned though, it costs £1,499 for the three days!

If you want the Formula One thrill but can’t afford to fork out that much money, then you can click here to drive a single seater at Silverstone, the home of British Grand Prix. The best bit is that it costs just £179.

Should you be interested in participating in the sport seriously, then you can take a Formula One driving course at the home of British Formula One, Silverstone.

But don’t worry if you don’t fancy jumping behind the wheel, Formula One is an intriguing game of tactics, technology and human limits, and can be enjoyed either from the comfort of your couch or by travelling to some of the most exotic locations on earth. Click this link to buy tickets for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone or, if you fancy a jaunt abroad with some of the most passionate fans in the world, click for tickets to international circuits.

Full throttle!

Remember, the key to enjoying Formula One is understanding the beautiful processes of the sport. This glamorous sport is far more than just driving fast. It is a combination of cutting edge technology, human endurance and the limitless possibilities for speed. It has attracted some of the finest sportsmen in the world, and continues to be a massive draw in every continent.

Moreover, as Britain was the first country to host a Formula One championship, you can also take pride in the UK’s special place in this sporting history. With our guide in hand, we know you’ll be in *ahem* pole position to fully drive into this magnificent sport!