Singapore Grand Prix

The Singapore Grand Prix is scheduled to become the first ever night race in Formula One history on the 28th September 2008. Singapore has held races before, but they weren’t recognised by Formula One, so this’ll be the first time they have raced in Singapore under the F1 banner.

The idea of a night race has been mooted on several occasions and is primarily for the benefit of European TV audiences. Formula One is growing in the Middle East but they have to balance these new races with their traditional fan base in Europe. Allowing night races that’ll start at lunchtime in Europe is something that works well for both parties.

The circuit itself is a street track and is has its own tunnel, just like the most famous street circuit, Monte Carlo. The layout will also encompass two bridges and three-quarters of a roundabout – so at the very least it’ll be a very interesting track and the whole concept of a night race.